ATW Bespoke Nutrition Plan


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Filipe Poeira is a Sport & Exercise Scientist and Sports nutritionist. Currently working his private training and nutrition practice, both physical training and nutritionally focused plans are tailored to meet the needs and demands of each person, pushing his belief of food first and supplements to enhance at the forefront of every plan. Filipe’s Sport scientist and sports nutrition background has seen him working with premier league football clubs, GB triathletes competing at the European championships, GSK (lucozade sport), and assisting with sport supplementation research at the University of Hertfordshire.

From studying Sport & Exercise Science as an undergraduate and then competing his Masters degree in Sports Science at the University of Hertfordshire, Filipe’s has been able to produce to publications in the sports nutrition field, and has enabled him to embark of his further academic pursuit of his PhD at the University of Hertfordshire.
Filipe’s clientele range from Company CEOs to athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts who seek to better themselves physically and mentally, and how they can optimise their approach in achieving their goals, whether this be weight related, metabolism or sports performance focused.


People tend to focus on their training and make sure to put the hours on the road, track or gym, but if you are not giving yourself the time to master the key nutritional aspects of what to eat, how much, and timings, then your goals and performance are to be hindered; the aim is to strive and achieve optimal nutrition for a better you and better performance.


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