Remote Personal Training, Coaching and Physio


Want to keep fit without leaving your house?

Need help with your rehab’ exercises/drills?

Moveology are offering their remote Personal Training, Coaching and Physio’ rehab services to ATW supporters.

The cost is just £30 for a 30min remote session which you can arrange in your own home via FaceTime or What’s App.



At Moveology we are interested in getting results. We believe that we need to go beyond the conventional way of looking at the body. So instead of looking at areas of the body in isolation, we look at the whole sequence of connections in  movement. As well as using traditional techniques such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Acupuncture, we also draw on our training in Gait Analysis and the innovative Anatomy in Motion approach. We apply a continuous assessment to your progress throughout your time with us, using the latest equipment, so that we can re-engineer our solutions  to gain the best impact. We like to think of it as a scientific approach to achieving total movement.


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